Spying the interactive way

Article published in Business Times Singapore on 3/11/08 highlights Peekspy team, the services that we offer as well as our vision for the future of the company.

"Peekspy Pte Ltd, started this May, is the Mauritian nationals' first step towrads their vision of providing fully interactive, realistic previews of places."

"In the future, a user should find it possible to search for anything and everything. Not by looking at words the old school way, but by navigating accurate graphical representations of the place. He should be able to interact with other users in an online virtual world where it is equally easy and aesthetic to acquire information."

"We wanted to try something different. Not just indoor maps, but an integrated 3D encyclopedia of one building, constantly kept up to date and interactive through the upload of videos and information updates."

"The brothers dream of Peekspy as a worldwide venture in 15 years' time. they intend to stay competitive by constantly planning ahead, both in terms of sourcing for new 3D technologies to use as well as beginning work on long-term projects, in order to keep the doors open to any business opportunity."

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